Behind the Scenes at E.I.S. Electronics

The principles of our work are based on the enthusiasm, precision and professionalism. We are a single window interface for all kind of comprehensive solutions for our customers. In perfect cooperation with commitment, high expertise and flexibility up to the minutest detail, the E.I.S. Electronics team enjoys great recognition by our customers.

The company values that shape our daily interaction are based on trust, fairness, respect and appreciation.

Management Culture at Eye Level

  • A central management culture characteristic is that we involve and actively support our staff. Current operational matters and internal topics are discussed in weekly meetings.

Flat Hierarchies

  • In daily business the personal contact between management and staff is important. Only so does the intensive interaction develop that makes honest feedback possible.

Competence Support

  • In an interactive dialog during the yearly staff appraisals, management explores the possibilities to promote each member’s competences.

Suggestion Scheme

  • The company builds on the improvement potential that is dormant in each and every staff member and, for example, discovers it daily at work. That is why a Continuous Improvement Process has been implemented.
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