We run a CATIA V5-equiped engineering office with access to our customers’ digital mock-ups. For extensive design jobs we cooperate with engineering services providers.

We are proud to be involved in the A380 and the A 350 programs as a Risk Share Partner, having invested in design and prototypes and amortising though serial production. For the EDRS-C and MeTop-SCA satellite projects, we routed complex Design-to-Build wire harnesses in the digital mock-up, and took all steps up to installing them in the physical mock-up.

Our services within a Design-to-Build assignment are:

  • Concept development
  • Material selection
  • Electrical and technical configuration
  • Routing within the digital mock-up (Catia V5)
  • Sample / prototype /FAI
  • Documentation (incl. all relevant construction documents such as construction drawings, material lists, connection lists etc.)
  • Providing production resources and tools (laying boards, mock-ups etc.)
  • Qualification and tests
  • Ramp-up and serial production.
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